Don’t waste your youth

“If I were to give advice to a group younger than myself I would definitely tell them to basically not waste their youth. I remember when I was younger I would be like I can’t wait until I’m 18 to buy the products on TV (laugh). Now that I’m that age and I have a lot of responsibilities, I feel like I could’ve spend that time enjoying my youth because I’m never going to get it back. You only realize when you’re older the gravity of being older and your responsibilities only get higher and you have less time for things. The time that we have the most when we’re young we waste in wishing we were older, and when we’re older we wish we were young again.”

– Jose T.


Always ask for help and ask questions

“Don’t be afraid to ask when you don’t know something. Always ask for help and ask questions, because it’s so much better than lying to know or pretending that you do. When you meet somebody that know more than you do they will immediately call your bluff.”

– Joshua H.

Don’t be stupid

On relationships and traveling… 

“You need to live your life for you because at the end of the day if somebody really cares about you and loves you, they’ll let you go out and do what makes you happy. Ultimately your happiness makes them happy. Do not confuse that with selfishness though, you must be willing to do the same for them.”

“What advice would you give to a crowd of young adults?”

“I am a young adult! Young adults shouldn’t give advice to other young adults. But if I had to I would say don’t be stupid. And live in the moment because before you know it this will become a memory you’re looking back on.”

– Paige T.

Believe in yourself…

“It’s very easy to second guess yourself, but it’s so important to believe in yourself and your work. [Effective] communication is key and make sure you have a lot of visuals (sketches, samples, swatches). The communication will be important especially when talking to the client.”

– Ronna S. (UF Interior Design Alumni)