We all see those famous last words, or simple words of wisdom shared by the famous and the great. However, everyday world citizens have just as much knowledge to share, and should their words be restricted to few simply because they hold no fame?

We all want to be heard. We all have stories to be told; wisdom to be shared in hopes of helping another person.

I began asking this simple question a couple of years ago at a business networking event and was delighted by the response. I began asking different adults in distinct situations…their responses unique. They each had something special to say. As part of the Centennials I believe this generation often fails to see the wise words the older generations have to share. Perhaps it’s because we don’t realize the value in their wisdom.

The main purpose of this page is to share the answers I received, in hopes that it speaks to anybody who needs it. I plan to focus my attention on the older generation, but will ask those willing to answer and share their thoughts.

(Partially inspired by Humans of New York)


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