Try Everything You Possibly Can


“If you had the opportunity to stand in front of a group of young adults, what is a piece of advice that you would give them?”

Try everything you possibly can. Stop worrying about how you look or how you’ll appear socially to your peers or to anyone else you might come in contact with. If you want to go dance like an idiot, dance like an idiot! If you want to take that class in pottery, take that class in pottery! Because you’re never going to get this opportunity again and you shouldn’t just let it go to waste.

“What does happiness mean to you?”

“Happiness is that feeling you get when even if you’re not doing anything particularly exciting or fantastical, that kind of just bubbles up in your stomach and into your chest and then escapes outs your mouth in a smile and makes you want to hug the person right next to you or the puppy right next to you or the pillow right next to you, whatever is right next to you! Happiness is that feeling and if you can just find a little bit of that every day, where that irresistible urge to smile and hug something, then you’re doing well.”

– Logan A.
(“Currently in my life I am working very hard to discover who I am while maintaining school and work.”)