Travel. Talk. Learn. Repeat.

“I would tell them to try to experience as much as they can. To meet new people, to travel, because that’s one of the most important things in life. [Learn] as much as you can learn from [your] own experiences, [because] that [has] the most worth. I think that’s very important, and when you seek [that kind of knowledge and experiences]…*laughs* it’s so hard now to talk about this… When you seek for experience in that sense it’s so interesting how you become more educated. In this age I recognize how that’s important for me, how I want to learn more and more. When I was a kid, everything that I learned in school, by that I mean learning from someone else, was not enough! But when I started to learn by myself it’s so..I don’t know, I want more and more. I want to travel and I want to talk to other people, and every time when I talk or see something I am thinking in that way that I am learning something new.”

– Melika K. (International student from Bosnia and Herzegovina)


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