Life’s Theme Is Change

“What I would have liked to have been told by someone if I was in a group of people, you know looking at it that way, is that we should strive to be very open and flexible and accepting of change. I feel like change in its purest essence is a very hard thing to go through. Change in general like moving or new friends or new places are very hard to go through, but I feel like it’s important as individuals to be accepting of it, because we’re part of societies. If we as individuals are accepting of it, then societies will be accepting of it. I’ve found that every time I’ve gone through change and I went with it and I was accepting of it and I changed the way I thought about things so that [my mentality] wasn’t so rigid,  I felt very fulfilled [afterwards]. Because sometimes change is going to happen, you can’t stop it. So, personally I think having that trait, that ability, that skill set, throughout me it’s going to help out anything else that I do. It will really help me live my life to the fullest and experience the most I can. A change that is going on right now that I think affects us directly is this whole global thinking, because of the internet. This right now is all about exchanging ideas and mentalities with people, that’s causing a lot of change. Back in the day, sometimes it was years before you heard anything, any innovations and things like that. You didn’t have internet you know, word spread really slowly. So things are really changing a lot. Life’s theme is change you know. That’s personally what I think.”

– Johan B.


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