Happiness is never decreased by being shared

“If I had to tell a crowd of young adults [my advice] I would tell them that life is just too short to invest your time in things that you don’t want to do- things that you aren’t passionate about. Don’t be a slave to money, paychecks, or others’ expectations of your life. Your parents and friends know and love you. They want what is best for you. However YOU know you best, and sometimes you will take a path that is right for you, but will not appease those people. It is your life and while you may not always know whats best for you, you do know what makes you happy. Mistakes are part of the journey too.

Additionally, Life is unfair and it doesn’t have background music or an epic soundtrack. It can be dirty and frank. Invest your time in investing in what makes you happy and at least one other person happy at the same time. It is not enough to simply make only yourself happy or only others happy. Happiness is never decreased by being shared.”

– Taylor H.


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