Treat people the way they want to be treated

“The first thing I would say is to learn how to love yourself, and the way you do that is not dictated in any rule book or any specific way, its finding harmony with who you are as a person, what you look like and embracing that. And once that happens, life will set you up for success. 

And then, I know they always say to treat people the way you want to be treated, but someone told me once that we should treat others the way they want to be treated. Which sounds almost negative, but if you think about it positively, it’s saying that the way I want to be treated maybe is…well obviously in a good way, I want to be treated well, and maybe the way you treat somebody is by talking to them about advice and they respond positively to that. But not everybody responds the same way. Treat them the way that works best for them. This is not about negativity, basically to treat them positively of course, but always try to get to know them as well. And if you don’t know them, [if you have just met them], then treat them the way you want to be treated first and see how they respond to that.”

– Victoria B.


Happiness is never decreased by being shared

“If I had to tell a crowd of young adults [my advice] I would tell them that life is just too short to invest your time in things that you don’t want to do- things that you aren’t passionate about. Don’t be a slave to money, paychecks, or others’ expectations of your life. Your parents and friends know and love you. They want what is best for you. However YOU know you best, and sometimes you will take a path that is right for you, but will not appease those people. It is your life and while you may not always know whats best for you, you do know what makes you happy. Mistakes are part of the journey too.

Additionally, Life is unfair and it doesn’t have background music or an epic soundtrack. It can be dirty and frank. Invest your time in investing in what makes you happy and at least one other person happy at the same time. It is not enough to simply make only yourself happy or only others happy. Happiness is never decreased by being shared.”

– Taylor H.

Wow, that’s a crazy question

“I guess it would be…wow that’s a crazy question. I think I would kinda say something about basically that it’s important to do your best, make the most of your time while you have it here. I guess a way of doing that would be to treat not only people nice, but also all forms of life nice, in a nice and respectful way. And one of the most important things is to follow your passion and not worry maybe so much about money or position or wealth or anything like that because if you do something that you love and you do it well enough, you will be afforded a good life because you’ll rise to excel in that rather than just doing anything to just get by. But most important is treating people with respect. Following the golden rule, treating other people the way you would like to be treated. If you do that everything else will fall in line.”

– Robert R.

Don’t waste your youth

“If I were to give advice to a group younger than myself I would definitely tell them to basically not waste their youth. I remember when I was younger I would be like I can’t wait until I’m 18 to buy the products on TV (laugh). Now that I’m that age and I have a lot of responsibilities, I feel like I could’ve spend that time enjoying my youth because I’m never going to get it back. You only realize when you’re older the gravity of being older and your responsibilities only get higher and you have less time for things. The time that we have the most when we’re young we waste in wishing we were older, and when we’re older we wish we were young again.”

– Jose T.

Don’t be stupid

On relationships and traveling… 

“You need to live your life for you because at the end of the day if somebody really cares about you and loves you, they’ll let you go out and do what makes you happy. Ultimately your happiness makes them happy. Do not confuse that with selfishness though, you must be willing to do the same for them.”

“What advice would you give to a crowd of young adults?”

“I am a young adult! Young adults shouldn’t give advice to other young adults. But if I had to I would say don’t be stupid. And live in the moment because before you know it this will become a memory you’re looking back on.”

– Paige T.